Yang Hyun Suk Unveils New Upgraded Photos Of YG’s New Building

More details about YG’s upcoming new headquarter!

Yang Hyun Suk uploaded new images of the design plans for YG Entertainment‘s new headquarter building set to open in July 2019.

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The new upgraded photos showed an aerial view of what the new building will look like once it is finished.


The new photos emphasized how the new headquarter will mirror YG Entertainment’s signature feel – sleek, chic, and modern!


Yang Hyun Suk also revealed that all of the subsidiaries and employees who are currently working in 6 different buildings will be able to come together once the huge headquarter is finished.

“Will bring all employees that are spread over 6 other buildings here.” — Yang Hyun Suk


He didn’t fail to reiterate that BIGBANG‘s album is already confirmed to be produced in this building as soon as the members are finished with their military enlistment.

“Recording for new BIGBANG album will take place here.” — Yang Hyun Suk


Let the countdown begin as YG prepares to launch their largest (literally) debut yet!