Year-End Music Festivals Are Being Organized Based On BTS’s Schedule

The “war” for casting BTS for the end-of-the-year awards events has officially begun.

Various end-of-the-year music awards and festivals are already on a mission to cast BTS for their events!


According to a Korean news outlet, this is because BTS’s album achievements have dominated the market. Even if a hit album were to be released during the latter half of the year, it would be extremely difficult to surpass BTS!


BTS’ most recent album “LOVE YOURSELF 轉 ‘Tear'”, which dropped in May, had reached sales of 1,664,041 units within the same month it was released. They also ranked No. 1 on the Gaon Charts for the month of May and is expected to reach another record figure once the rankings for June have been added.

BTS’ album sales for the month of May is the highest number of album sales in the history of Gaon Chart monthly rankings.


As a result, it is not surprising that the events have already begun seeking to cast BTS for their event. In fact, they are apparently waiting to hear from BTS for their available dates so that they can plan around BTS’ schedule!

The venue, broadcast schedule and BTS’ schedule must all be on the same page before they begin preparations for the awards ceremonies.


Despite their early planning, however, it seems that BTS’ schedule is already full until the end of the year with numerous international and domestic promotions.

“This year’s schedule is already full. If additional world tour performances are added, it will be an extremely busy year.” ㅡ Big Hit Entertainment


The “war” for casting BTS for the end-of-the-year awards ceremonies and festivals has officially begun. Let the games begin!

“Music awards and festivals are usually held at the end of the year, so we review the achievements and figures and determine the final line up during the latter half of the year. However, if the album sales or other figures are significant, we schedule with the artist and their agency beforehand. BTS has already produced significant results that do not even need to be reviewed any further. This is why the war for casting BTS has begun.” ㅡ Event Planner