Yeeun Reveals All The Wonder Girls Members Are Still Super Close Friends

“As we grow old together, I meet with the other Wonder Girls often…”

Ever since the Wonder Girls went through various member shuffles before finally disbanding in 2017, fans have been wondering about whether or not the members kept in touch with one another.

Wonder Girls originally debuted as a 5-member group with Yeeun, Sunye, Sohee, Sunmi, and Hyuna.


Well, it looks like fans can put their mind at ease, because a recent interview with Wonder Girls‘ Yeeun has revealed that the founding members of the group are still very close to this day!


On a recent broadcast of Video Star, Yeeun (who is currently promoting under the moniker HA:TFELT), was asked about the relationship of the former Wonder Girls members.


In response, Yeeun shared that the members meet often. In fact, they make sure to make time from their busy schedules to see each other every couple of months!

“As we grow old together, I meet with the other Wonder Girls often. We actually meet every few months.” — Yeeun


When asked what they did when they saw each other, Yeeun explained that it’s different with each member. With Sohee, they eat Korean food together because they have similar tastes.


Sunmi likes constellations and astrology, so the two talk about horoscopes when they meet.


Because Hyuna enjoys shopping, Yeeun will often meet her at the Express Bus Terminal in Seoul, where they shop together.


With Sunye (who is in Canada), they talk often through video chat. She will even have her baby daughters with her when they chat!


Finally, Yeeun stated that she does have one regret when she meets with her former members.

“I’m the only member who likes to drink.” — Yeeun


Hopefully, their close friendship will lead to a Wonder Girls reunion in the future!

Source: Newsen and iMBC