Yena Has A Trick That Helps Her Cheat Her Diet Despite Her Brother’s Strict Supervision

Quick thinking and even quicker hands are essential.

On DNA Mate, Yena and her older brother Sung Min (former member of SPEED) showed off their sibling chemistry during a meal, and Yena proved that nothing and no one could stop her from eating what she wanted.

Sung Min surprised Yena with a meal, although reality soon hit when she realized that while he got to enjoy kim-pi-tang (kimchi + pizza toppings + tangsuyuk (sweet and sour crispy pork)), she was stuck with a chicken breast and salmon salad, thanks to the strict diet she had to maintain before her comeback with “SMARTPHONE.”


Although Yena knew she couldn’t eat his food, she thought dipping her chicken breast in the sauce would be okay. However, her brother was adamant about keeping her diet.

Of course, he didn’t forget to tease her, provoking her with some food ASMR, and their interactions are proof of their close sibling relationship.

Eventually, Sung Min offered to let Yena have one bite, but it turned out to be another prank (or test, as he liked to put it).

The contrast between Sung Min fully enjoying his meal while Yena sulks over her salad is hilarious and adorable, and though it might seem a bit unfair, Sung Min wants the best for Yena, which is why he’s being so strict with her diet.

Still, Yena isn’t a younger sister who sits still when her brother messes with her, so after asking for water, she stole some sauce as soon as Sung Min stood up.

Her hands moved so quickly he didn’t even catch on, and she was even able to dip one more time before her brother returned with her water.

Knowing nothing, her brother teased Yena a little bit more before complimenting her, telling her that she had truly worked very hard. Like any older brother, younger sister pairing, Sung Min cherishes Yena and follows up all of his teasings with caring words and actions.

Thanks to her doting brother, Yena was able to trick Sung Min once again, and when he got up to pour her a glass of milk, she stole two pieces of tangsuyuk. Until they reviewed the episode, her brother was none the wiser.

Yena and Sung Min’s sibling dynamic is sweet and chaotic, and there’s no doubt that as they grow older, their bond only goes stronger.