Yeo Jin Goo Confesses He’s Never Dated Anyone Before And Wants To Get Married Early

This 22 year old bachelor is open to love!

Yeo Jin Goo appeared on House On Wheels, where he was shared a conversation about love with his seniors, Song Dong Il, Gong Hyo Jin, and Kim Hee Won.

While waiting for their food to cook, Gong Hyo Jin opened up about how her outlook on love changed since her 20s.

When I was in my 20s, I thought love was everything. But my older friends told me, ‘Focus on your work’, and ‘Don’t pour everything into someone for the sake of love’.

I didn’t understand it at the time, but now I feel like the wise truth.

— Gong Hyo Jin

Jin Goo revealed that he wants to get married early. He doesn’t have a set goal but he admires Sung Dong Il for having a beautiful family.

He said, “I want to get married early. When I see Sung Dong Il, it makes me want to hurry up and have a beautiful family too.

So all of his older seniors had one question in mind… “Did our baby brother experience love before?”

Yeo Jin Goo surprised everyone by confessing, “I’ve only had crushes before. I’ve never dated in my 24 years“! How could this stunning man have been solo for this long?!

The seniors were shocked but not shocked because Yeo Jin Goo has been working in the industry since he was just a kid. He didn’t have the normal experiences that other kids went through.

But they want him to fall in love, and fast!

You’re a more desperate case than I am! You need to experience love if you want to act with a deeper sense of understanding.

Don’t come here starting tomorrow. Go on those dating shows instead.

— Kim Hee Won

But Jin Goo apparently has no intension of dating anyone anytime soon!

How could this god of romance have been single? How can he capture the world’s heart in his dramas when he personally hasn’t experienced dating himself?

Actor Kim Hee Won probably answered it best: “I’ve never personally died before but I act out dying many times.

Well, you heard it ladies and gentlemen! This eligible bachelor wants to get hitched fast. We’re sure there’ll be a line of eligible bachelorettes and bachelors lining up in a heart beat!

Source: Newsen