Yeo Jin Goo Confesses He’s Never Dated Before, Reveals His Ideal Future Relationship

This is the type of woman he likes:

Actor Yeo Jin Goo has revealed that he has never dated before on a recent episode of SBS-TV‘s Access Showbiz Tonight.


Yeo Jin Goo has recently been showing off “boyfriend charm” in his latest drama, My Absolute Boyfriend, alongside co-stars Bang Minah and Hong Jong Hyun.


When asked about his dating style, Yeo Jin Goo replied that he too was curious about this, which is what drew him closer to his character in My Absolute Boyfriend.

I’m not really sure what it would be like but…

ㅡ Yeo Jin Goo


When the reporter mentioned that Yeo Jin Goo was “single since birth”, Yeo Jin Gu burst out in laughter and confessed that he was trying to hide that fact about himself.

I was trying to talk my way out of the question to hide that fact.

ㅡ Yeo Jin Goo


Then he finally confessed that it was difficult for him to film a romantic comedy (since he’s never been in a relationship before).


In terms of the things he’d like to do if he is in a relationship, he listed chatting at the park, hanging out in front of the beach, etc.

 Spending leisurely times such as going to the park and just chatting or setting a mat in front of the beach…

ㅡ Yeo Jin Goo


As for his ideal type, he explained that he wanted someone who he can share love with and who has a big heart.

Someone who I can share love with, who is able to understand even my weaknesses.

ㅡ Yeo Jin Goo


He concluded the interview with a big heart for all of his fans!


Watch his full interview here:

Source: Naver TV