Yeosu Police Station Releases Statement Following Backlash Against Police and Big Hit Entertainment During BTS’s Muster

They have spoken up.

According to an official from Yeosu Police Station in Busan, the accusations made by K-ARMYs against the police during BTS‘s muster last June 15 are all false.

Every accusation posted on the Internet and SNS are not true. The security guards never confined the fans.

K-ARMYs have many allegations against the security guards, including throwing chairs at fans, locking them in a room, and sexually harassing female fans. According to the official, they were never locked and a guard accidentally touched a female fan due to the pushing of the crowd, and he did not intentionally touch her.

They did confirm that a security guard threw a chair, but claims it was because the crowd was getting too loud and unruly. They have stated that the actions the police have done are for the safety of the fans.

Source: Naver