[★BREAKING] Yet another drug scandal involving idol group member sweeps Korea

Edited November 21st 2015 PDT: This article was posted on Twitter and Facebook with two artists photos that were not mentioned in this article. We apologize for this serious mistake and to the artists who’s images we used. The images were removed from the Tweet/Facebook post.

According to Asia News Communication police are very close to uncovering the culprits who have been selling and abusing drugs such as cocaine, meth, and propofol. The list revealed by police surprised people with the inclusion of multiple celebrities including a popular idol member.

As drug scandal are continuously uncovered within the K-Pop industry, police are out in full force to put an end to all drug related issues by February 2016.

On November 21st, police stated, “Until October our focus was on the dealers and smugglers but now we are going to steer our focus on the drug abusers. We plan on heavily investigate those who are in frequent contact with international students or are frequently out of the country. Drugs are quickly spreading in Gangnam, Hongdae, and Itaewon clubs. “

The list they provided included famous idol group rapper A, CEO/rapper who appeared on a rap battle program, and C, a rapper who took part in the third season of aforementioned show and did very well for himself.

Source: A News

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