YG Announces Plans For 30 City World Tour For MIXNINE Winning Team

YG Entertainment has announced their plans to hold a tour as the winners of MIXNINE make their debut. 

The program is reportedly aiming to capture the attention of the international market after failing to go over a 1% audience rating.


At present, the agency is planning to schedule stops in at least 20 to 30 cities. 

The winning team members will go on tour between April and December of next year. 

MIXNINE is a talent reality program that visits entertainment agencies across Korea and to find their new trainees. 

The program will have a team of nine men and women to compete for the final selection next year. 

Both teams will be actively managed but with different approaches. 

The final winning team, however, will have the chance to make their debut in April and are set to focus on overseas activities. 

It hasn’t yet been made clear whether the winners will complete the entire tour or whether the runners-up will perform at all.

Source: SportsSeoul