YG announces postponement of “Born Hater” MV

In light of the recent tragedy that claimed the lives of 16 audience members at the Techno Valley Festival, YG Entertainment has announced the postponement of Epik High’s “Born Hater” music video release. The music video was scheduled to be released on October 18th at midnight (KST) but has now been postponed with a to-be-determined date.

On October 17th at around 5pm KST, a grave accident occurred at the Techno Valley Festival in Seongnam, Seoul. While fans were trying to get a better glimpse of the popular girl group 4minute, a ventilation grate collapsed which injured about 11 people and killed 16.

Epik High’s much awaited “Born Hater” music video was scheduled to be released at midnight on October 18th KST, but in order to show their condolences to those affected by this tragedy, they have postponed it until further notice. YG entertainment made this post on Facebook:

“In light of the recent incident at the Techno Valley concert venue in Pangyo on 10/17, YG ENTERTAINMENT will be postponing the release of Epik High’ music video for “BORN HATER” originally scheduled for 10/18 at midnight, to show its sincerest condolences to all those effected.
We will be announcing the release of the video as it becomes determined.”

Many fans on Facebook have commented in support of this announcement saying, “RIP to the victims.. kudos to YG and Epik High for being sensitive,” “R.I.P …We can wait for epik high.”

Source: YG Family

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