YG Artists Sweep The Music Charts Of 2018, From iKON , BLACKPINK, Jennie To Mino

2018 is the year of YG artists!

From iKON to BLACKPINK, Jennie and now Mino, YG artists have been on a roll, completely sweeping the music charts of 2018.


iKON started off 2018 with their mega-hit, “Love Scenario”, which was loved by men and women of all ages and even sparked a sing-along craze among Korean elementary students.

iKON’s “Love Scenario” Has Become A Sensation Among Korean Students


With the success of “Love Scenario”, iKON received the Best Song of the Year at the 2018 MMA, their first daesang (grand prize) since their debut in 2015.


“Love Scenario” became the first track in 2018 to achieve a perfect all-kill and maintained its rank on the music charts for 43 days, the longest period achieved by a boy group in the past 3 years.


Next in line was BLACKPINK with their “DDU-DU DDU-DU” comeback in the summer. As their first comeback in an entire year, “DDU-DU DDU-DU” made some groundbreaking achievements.


Not only did the music video achieve over 10 million views within the first 6 hours of its release, but they also became the fastest K-Pop idol group to achieve 150 million views, 200 million views and 300 million views with “DDU-DU DDU-DU” and more.

10 Records BLACKPINK Broke With Their “DDU-DU DDU-DU” Comeback


The conquest of YG artists continued throughout the latter half of the year with Jennie’s first solo track, “SOLO”, in November. Jennie’s solo song’s perfect all-kill lasted for 14 days after rising to the top of the charts as soon as it dropped.


And finally, WINNER’s Mino finished off the year with the title song, “FIANCÉ”, from his first solo album, “XX”, which has been on the top of the Korean music charts for 9 consecutive days so far. It has also been ranked No.1 on the iTunes Album Chart in 16 countries and iTunes Song Chart in 9 countries around the world.


YG artists have truly made a significant achievement in the year 2018!

Source: Osen