YG artists cancel Lunar New Year plans with families to focus on upcoming albums

With anticipated comebacks and a debut from YG Entertainment‘s artists for 2015, it has been revealed that BIGBANG, WINNER, and iKON have opted to cancel Lunar New Year plans with families to focus on work.

While BIGBANG is returning after three years since their last album release, WINNER will be making a comeback for the first time since their debut in August 2014. New and upcoming male group iKON is also expected to make their long awaited debut this year as well.

According to the agency, “They all turned in their holidays. They had planned to finally spend time with their families and even planned out trips. But because there are so much planned for the first half of the year we are running out of time. They all decided to cancel their plans and focus on working on their albums.”

“There are a lot of people awaiting new albums from BIGBANG, WINNER, and iKON. There are a lot of people who are disappointed at the repeated delays [of the albums] release dates. So, we are working with utmost concentration to create a higher quality output.”

In addition to the three male groups working hard on comeback and debut preparations, so will Yang Hyun Suk.

Source: TV Report