YG Angers Chinese Netizens More By Deleting His Apology 

Yang Hyun Suk redacted his apology toward the Chinese fans.

YG Entertainment‘s CEO Yang Hyun Suk angered Chinese netizens once more after he deleted his formal apology post on his personal Instagram account.


It has been a month since Yang Hyun Suk posted the apology in response to the backlash received by YG Entertainment’s Netflix sitcom, “Future Strategy Office.” Chinese netizens felt offended with the inappropriate portrayal of their country and its people.

Chinese Netizens Enraged At “YG FSO” For Racism And Controversial Depiction


The apology was posted on October 11th but can no longer be found on his personal Instagram account.

YG’s original apology post.

“I’d like to apologize to the Chinese fans. I have directed the staff to quickly correct, edit, and/or delete the wrong information. We will be more cautious in the future and be strictly careful.

 — Yang Hyun Suk


Chinese news site, Sina, discovered the fact that it was deleted and reported it through their media channel. Local netizens soon left comments such as: “Yang Hyun Suk’s apology was not authentic in the end,” and “China is just a tool to make money.”

Cast and staff from “YG FSO”.


The exact time behind the deletion was not confirmed but both local and international netizens don’t know the reason behind his decision. It further led to assumptions that the agency were deleting posts that are disadvantageous to them as soon as the controversy faded after the apology. 


YG Entertainment has not commented of the controversy at this point.

Source: Newsen