YG and CL Were Shocked To See This T.O.P Lookalike Auditioning For MIXNINE

Auditions for MIXNINE have been in a full-swing and YG and CL were surprised to see someone who reminded them uncannily of BIGBANG’s T.O.P.

The two judges visited STAR O Entertainment to audition the boyband 7 O’Clock for their chance to compete for a spot on the MIXNINE boy’s team.

7 O’Clock’s rapper, Sangwon—also known as Vaan—came on stage for their audition and Yang Hyun Suk and CL couldn’t believe their eyes when they saw the T.O.P (who is also a rapper) lookalike.

The judges weren’t the only ones to note the resemblance as viewers have been commenting on his appearance since the audition.

It wasn’t just Sangwon’s appearance that stunned the judges, he also blew their minds with his near-perfect performance.


Both Yang Hyun Suk and CL were pleasantly surprised with their performance, and Sangwon and HanGyeom made it to the elite group of trainees for the show.

After making it to the elite group, Sangwon posted a tweet through the official MIXNINE twitter, saying that he can do much better!

Check out 7 O’Clock’s full audition  on MIXNINE below: 

Source: Dispatch