YG discusses iKON’s debut, “I’m not worried about avoiding other companies’ artists”

YG Entertainment’s Yang Hyun Suk updates fans with his upcoming plans for BIGBANG, iKON and WINNER. 

Due to BIGBANG’s successful return in the charts and music shows following the release of their comeback tracks, “Loser” and “Bae Bae,” Yang Hyun Suk comments on the possible debut and comeback line-up under his agency. As the group plans to release tracks each month until September through their MADE series, questions were raised if other artists under the agency will be competing as BIGBANG promoted.

After speaking to a group of reports, Yang Hyun Suk elaborates on BIGBANG’s upcoming activities and revealed that, “YG Entertainment artists except BIGBANG will most likely comeback in October. We are not really paying attention to comeback dates of other companies’ artists. The most important thing is to not have our artists’ comebacks overlap with BIGBANG.”

After which, he also mentioned that the agency is working hard to prepare for iKON’s debut and was quoted saying, “WINNER is in a hurry to comeback too, but iKON hasn’t debuted yet. So we are paying the most attention to their debut. I want to have them debut within this summer.  Leader B.I and the others have around twenty songs ready, but they’re working with me to make better songs. iKON and WINNER need to be fine tuned a bit more, so we’re working on it.” 

It can be recalled that the agency previously planned for BIGBANG, WINNER and iKON to make their releases a month after one another. However, due to the delays in BIGBANG’s return, along with their MADE series, this has affected WINNER and iKON as well.

Taehyun, a member of WINNER, has also recently teased fans that a comeback from the group is possible late this year.

Source: Newsen