YG In Discussion With Top US Labels About BLACKPINK’s American Debut

YG Entertainment is preparing to possibly debut BLACKPINK in the US.

BLACKPINK has been receiving lots of love calls from various broadcast stations in the US, but they’ve now won the attention of top labels in the States as well! YG Entertainment is reportedly getting ready to launch a full-blown support system for BLACKPINK’s US debut.


They announced that they’ve been talking with top music labels in the US about BLACKPINK’s possible debut in America, and good news seem to be coming soon.

“We’ve actually been in contact with some of the best record companies in the United States about BLACKPINK. We believe we’ll be delivering some good news in the near future.” — YG Entertainment


The K-Pop industry has high expectations for BLACKPINK’s possible venture out into the US, mainly because of their solid international fanbase, their historical achievements on Billboard, and the members’ fluency in English.

Jennie and Rose are both fluent in English as they’ve lived in New Zealand and Australia respectively. Lisa also knows 4 languages in total.


However, YG Entertainment has reassured the fans that BLACKPINK will be focusing solely on their domestic promotions for the rest of the year. With “DDU-DU DDU-DU” dominating charts worldwide, BLACKPINK is already getting ready to release their next album!

“BLACKPINK made a comeback after a year, so their domestic promotions are first priority. They’ve finished recording their next song.” — YG Entertainment

Source: Osen