YG Entertainment And Its Artists Are Getting Serious About Protecting The Environment, Here’s What They Are Doing

The company is taking a step forward for the environment.

Ahead of the release of the third solo full-length album by Mino from WINNER, YG Entertainment has announced that it will be producing the albums with as many environmentally friendly materials as possible.

This is a big step forward, and as a leader in the industry, YG Entertainment is doing its part to create positive change with this commitment to environmental protection. With the exception of the CD and some packaging materials that have no viable substitutes, most of the materials being used to create Mino’s album are eco-friendly, and the company says they have even been working to reduce their use of plastics and vinyl as much as possible.

Mino’s third album To Infinity | @ygent_official/Twitter

YG Entertainment has stated that both the company and its artists are committed to protecting the environment, saying:

As both our company and our artists are loved by global fans, we are deeply aware of the importance of social responsibility and are listening to the voices of various fields.

— YG Entertainment

Mino’s fellow WINNER member Seungyoon, along with younger group TREASURE, have participated in the Save The Earth campaign, and perhaps most notably, BLACKPINK were nominated UN Ambassadors for Sustainable Development Goals this year. They also gave a speech and performed in the YouTube Original Dear Earth, where they advocated for climate action and climate awareness saying:

Our generation will be responsible for taking care of the Earth and we will work towards building a better, more equal, more sustainable world.


It’s encouraging to see an industry leader like YG Entertainment and its superstar artists take climate action seriously. Hopefully other companies will soon follow their lead so that Mino’s upcoming album is only one of the first to be environmentally conscious.

Source: Chosun