YG Entertainment Blocks 6IX9INE’s “Nobody” On YouTube For Plagiarizing WINNER’s “ISLAND”

YG Entertainment took action against American rapper 6IX9INE and his new song called “Nobody”, which was accused of plagiarizing WINNER’s “ISLAND”.

American rapper 6IX9INE was accused of plagiarizing WINNER‘s “ISLAND” on his latest track called “Nobody”. Soon after netizens pointed out the blatant similarities, 6IX9INE changed the song title to “Nobody (ISLAND Remix)”.


After hearing about the news, YG Entertainment blocked 6IX9INE’s new music video on YouTube. They took his video down on copyright grounds.


Soon after it was blocked by YG. 6IX9INE took down the complete video itself.


Nevertheless, 6IX9INE’s song “Nobody” continues to circulate on YouTube, garnering hateful comments from viewers who criticize him for plagiarizing.

Source: Insight