YG Entertainment Denies Claims Of Yang Hyun Suk Providing Sexual Favors To VIP’s

YG has denied it.

YG Entertainment has denied the claims of founder Yang Hyun Suk providing sexual favors to VIP’s.

MBC‘s exploratory investigative program Straight released a preview of their upcoming episode, which highlighted a sexual assault case made by a wealthy Thai individual back in July 2014.

Yang Hyun Suk and a YG Entertainment artist were suspected of being involved in this case by participating in providing sexual favors to the Southeast Asian VIP’s. A total of 8 men were present for this meeting, including Yang Hyun Suk and the YG artist. 25 women were provided for the men, and at least 10 of these women were affiliated with famous adult entertainment establishments that had close ties with YG Entertainment.

In response, YG Entertainment has released their official statement, denying Yang Hyun Suk’s involvement in providing sexual favors.

It is definitely not true [he provided sexual favors]. It is true he was present and sitting at the table with them, as he was invited by an acquaintance, but he never provided sexual favors in any form.

— YG Entertainment

Watch the preview of Straight below.

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