YG Entertainment denies Park Bom is signed to THE BLACK LABEL

YG Entertainment has denied that Park Bom is signed to or part of THE BACK LABEL, contradicting Park Bom’s words that she was signed recently.

Park Bom has left fans wondering whether or not she’s still signed to YG Entertainment, ever since 2NE1 officially disbanded.

She’s made statements hinting that she may be part of YG Entertainment or THE BLACK LABEL, created by Teddy in the past.


But yesterday, when a fan revealed commented on the status of her agency again, Park Bom confirmed everything with her response.


However, YG Entertainment has now completely denied that Park Bom is part of THE BLACK LABEL.

“It is not true that Park Bom will be joining Producer Teddy’s The Black Label.”

— YG Entertainment

The response seems to be incredibly adamant in claiming she is not part of THE BLACK LABEL, leaving fans confused and angered.

“There is no truth to us having a contract with Park Bom. It’s groundless.”

— YG Entertainment

Source: Osen