YG Entertainment denies reports detailing BIGBANG’s comeback and world tour

YG Entertainment responds to initial reports that BIGBANG will be promoting in South Korea for a month in April before embarking on their world tour.

According to initial reports from various media outlets on March 9th, BIGBANG is expected to make their comeback in early April and make appearances on music broadcasts with related promotional activities for around a month. Following which, the group is speculated to kickstart their world tour with their first stop in Seoul in early May.

The reports further detailed that the concert in Seoul is expected to be held in Olympic Park Gymnastics Stadium, along with concert stops in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Beijing, and more starting late May. Other countries for BIGBANG’s concert are still under discussion.

In response to the reports, a high-ranking official from YG Entertainment refuted the claims saying, “It is true that BIGBANG is in the midst of comeback preparations and entirely focused working on music. The comeback timing has yet to be confirmed, I do not know why there is news regarding music programs and concerts. They are unfounded.

Meanwhile, BIGBANG members were recently spotted with Kush in the recording studio through a photo shared by Masta Wu.

While the members have been busy with solo and sub-unit schedules in music, acting, and concerts, the group has not produced a new album for three years, with the last released album Alive in 2012.

Source: mydaily and OSEN