YG Entertainment denies T.O.P’s house is a “Love House” after rumors

BIGBANG’s T.O.P has recently become the center of attention soon after it was revealed Lee Jung Jae and Lim Seryung were currently dating, reports revealing it mostly occurred at a hoobae’s house.

Dispatch reported that“Lee Jung Jae and Lim Seryung have enjoyed dates at a close hoobae’s house. This place is known as the ‘Love house of Top Stars.'”

Star Today further reported on January 8th that a neighbor living in the area had spotted the newly revealed couple entering T.O.P’s residence several times. The UN Village (Hannam-dong) residence was quoted saying, “I have witnessed Lee Jungjae and Lim Seryung enter the P villa, in which T.O.P of BIGBANG lives, several times. The picture of Dispatch on the two are at the place as well.”

The media portal reveal that the P Villa, which encompasses 181 squared meters with four rooms and three bathrooms, was purchased by the BIGBANG rapper in December 2010 for approximately $3 million USD. Not only does it have an amazing view of the Han River, it is also known for its top class interior, making it the top choice for celebrities’ dates with its high class security.

A personnel stated, “It’s a bit too much to call his place ‘Love House of Top Stars,’ it’s better to call it a ‘guest house’ where sometimes guests come over and he treats them to dinner or such. Many friends gather at his place and sometimes share dinner or drinks. The Lee Jung Jae and Lim Seryung couple are simply one of such close friends.”

The close relationship between T.O.P and Lee Jung Jae was demonstrated in an interview by Lee Jung Jae when he said, “T.O.P feels like a friend because we share similar interests, I always thought he was just a singer but now I have great expectations for him as an actor.”

However,an official in high position at YG Entertainment has now revealed, “It is well known even among YG Entertainment that T.O.P does not like to leave his house outside of official schedules so many close celebrity friends including Big Bang members come to his house to see him. Everyone already knows that T.O.P is close with Lee Jung Jae and his visits with Lim Seryung had no intention other than visiting T.O.P . It is extremely unfair to give his house a weird atmosphere by calling it a “Love House” or “Guest House” and T.O.P himself seems flustered and frustrated. His house is also under renovation and we plead you not to portray his home in a negative manner.”

A picutre of Lee Jung Jae, T.O.P and Jung Woo Sung in a cafe at Chungdam had also been a topic of hot interest among netizens in the past.

Source: Star Today