YG Entertainment Caught Hiring Specialty Disposal Company To Destroy 4 Tons Of Documents And Files

Netizens believe it has to do with Seungri’s investigation.

While BIGBANG‘s Seungri was participating in a police investigation for nearly 9 hours, YG Entertainment had hired a specialty disposal company to come early in the morning to destroy company documents and files.


News reporters who were stationed outside of YG Entertainment saw two 2t trucks enter YG Entertainment’s parking lot. The two trucks belonged to a company that specializes in safely destroying documents, electronics, and files without having any information leaked out in the process.


Over the course of two hours, YG employees and the disposal company’s employees loaded up the two trucks with dozens of boxes, bags, and luggage bags. A witness claimed that some of the items looked “heavy enough to be computers or electronic devices.” All the while, five YG employees stood guard around the area. When a reporter tried to investigate, the employees guided them out while stating, “photography is prohibited.


After the trucks were loaded, the reporter was able to ask the truck drivers some questions. The drivers explained that YG asked them to come back later for more.

Specialty disposal companies usually work starting from 9am, but YG especially asked them to come earlier around 6am. The disposal truck driver explained that they only “come during dawn when the clients make a special request, but many companies don’t make that request because of its extra fees.” However, the driver also mentioned that “entertainment companies that are sensitive to news reports and such usually ask us to come early in the morning.


The reporter claimed that the timing of the disposal and the events that occurred while the trucks were being loaded seemed suspicious. They implied that the destruction of the files may have a connection with Seungri’s recent case.


When the reporter directly called YG Entertainment to ask about their disposal, the agency claimed that “it was a routine disposal that is done monthly or quarterly.


They also contacted the police about it, to which the police claimed that they had no jurisdiction to stop or investigate YG’s special disposal service because YG Entertainment hasn’t been directly linked to Seungri’s cases.

“How would we have known that YG was going to dispose of their documents today? Even if we did know, Burning Sun and YG Entertainment are not directly connected, so we wouldn’t have been able to stop it anyways.”

— Seoul Police


Despite YG’s claims that the disposal was a routine task, netizens strongly believe that the agency was trying to destroy any evidence that could possibly link them to Seungri’s allegations.

Source: Chosun Ilbo

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