YG Entertainment donates 100 million won for emergency relief in Nepal

YG Entertainment has donated 100 million won for emergency relief in Nepal. Reportedly, the agency has been consistently funding projects to educate and empower children in Nepal even before this donation.

As of May 4th, YG has donated at least 100 million won to UNICEF Korea in order to help the unfortunate earthquake victims in Nepal. The agency’s donation platform  named YG WITH has recently donated its proceedings from the campaign “Good Way With Us,” in hopes to support the earthquake relief in Nepal.

As their campaign booths were set up at every YG concerts, the proceedings from G-Dragon’s concert in 2013, 2NE1’s concert in 2014, and YG Family’s concert in 2014 were funded to construct Schools of Hope in Nepal as well as support IT equipments and provide teaching administrations in the past.

In particular, as May 5th marks Children’s Day in Korea and 40% of the earthquake victims are children, the agency came to its final decision to donate 100 million won. The donation was given to prevent and treat infectious disease, especially children of the earthquake victims.

Hope the good hearts of YG Entertainment’s campaign proceedings will be a warm help for the recent earthquake victims in Nepal.

Source: Osen