YG Entertainment Drops New Breathtaking Profile Pictures Of 4 TREASURE Members For “Editorial vol.5”

Are you getting excited for their debut?

With YG Entertainment‘s newest boy group, TREASURE, on the way, the company has released another set of photos that portray four of the members in a mature, sophisticated light.  It’s an interesting angle for YG Entertainment, which often showed an edgy, hip-hop vibe with its past boy groups. It’s leaving fans even more curious to see what kind of concept the entertainment company is going to go with for the new group.

The pictures were released as part of their Editorial vol.5 profile cuts. Check out the members Junghwan, Haruto, Jeongwoo, and Doyoung below.

1. Junghwan

2. Haruto

3. Jeongwoo

4. Doyoung