YG Entertainment Facing Criticism For Neglecting Trainees After Jang Hanna Finally Announces Debut

At least she’s finally debuting!

Former YG Entertainment trainee Jang Hanna is finally set to make her debut on May 1, exciting many fans of the soon-to-be idol. However, that’s not the only thing that fans are talking about regarding the trainee of her previous company.

She gained attention for starring on YG Entertainment’s competition show, K-Pop Star 3, back in 2014. The company scouted her due to her well-received reception on the show, taking her on as a trainee.

However, in the 6 years since she appeared on the show, Jang Hanna never debuted while she stayed with the company, and some fans are seeing this as evidence that YG Entertainment doesn’t know how to manage its trainees and allow them to debut in a timely manner. It appears as though it took leaving the company for Jang Hanna to be able to debut, making people upset at her wasted potential.

Here’s what some people have to say about the situation:

“Wow, Yang Hyun Suk is really too much. He just signed her then neglected her.”

“How many years did she rot?”

“How many years were wasted with false hope ㅜ I’ve been wondering what happened to her”

“When I listened to her feature with Jinusean, I wondered who she was. Despite being super young, I was surprised by her voice. Looks like she was left to rot until now. Ugh, YG. They won’t get it until they go bankrupt.”

Fans are concerned that other trainees in YG Entertainment are being met with the same fate, and hope that this kind of treatment will get resolved soon. In the meantime, anticipate Jang Hanna’s upcoming debut hit, “RUNNAWAY”, set to come out May 1.