YG Predicted To Finally Return To High Value Profits This Year Thanks To BLACKPINK And TREASURE

It’s all thanks to the new leadership that’s completely different than Yang Hyun Suk.

YG Entertainment was once one of the most profitable and successful K-Pop agencies in the industry. But it all fell apart when Seungri’s Scandal and Yang Hyun Suk’s many controversies came to light in the past recent years.

But it appears that YG will finally be rebounding back to its former glory thanks to their talented artists and a new leader who is completely different from Yang Hyun Suk‘s management style.

Hwang Bo Kyung, the new CEO of YG Entertainment, has set the company’s course to focusing on their core roots – their artists. Yang Hyun Suk was famous for continually delaying their artists’ comebacks and keeping them locked away in his “treasure box”.

But CEO Hwang is directing the agency to support their artists’ comebacks and getting their music out to the fans.

But an agency can only do so well with good management. They also need great artists. And BLACKPINK and TREASURE are predicted to help YG return to high profit margins in 2020 with their upcoming promotions.

BLACKPINK is set to drop their next line of promotions, starting with their pre-release track “How You Like That” on the 26th. TREASURE will finally be making their highly anticipated debut in July.

TREASURE hasn’t even debuted yet but they have over 1.13 million subscribers, proving that they already have a solid core fandom.

— Lee Ki Hoon, Investment Researcher

According to FN Guide, a financial data company, YG Entertainment is predicted to bring in over 4.5 billion won (~$3.7 million USD) in net profits.

The market analysts have positive outlook for YG Entertainment thanks to CEO Hwang, BLACKPINK, TREASURE, and the YG artists.

Starting with BLACKPINK’s comeback in the second half of the year, YG Entertainment will surely be able to bounce back in their numbers.

— Jun Young Hyun, Investment Researcher

Get ready YG fans, because YG Entertainment is back on track!

Source: Business Post