YG Entertainment Releasing Very Limited Information On Brand New K-Pop Girl-Group

There is much anticipation surrounding YG Entertainment‘s new girl group who is set to debut this summer as they are the first to be launched since 2NE1 seven years ago. Thus it is only natural that information regarding them are being kept hush-hush.

In fact, the first member confirmed for the girl group has been revealed through YG’s blog, YG-Life, on June 1st with several photos of Jennie (Kim) published.

On June 2nd, YG commented, “We can’t say yet what the team name and the number of members will be due to security issues. One by one, the members will be revealed to the public and they will make their official debut this summer.” 

Jennie is already a well-known YG trainee to fans and additionally has already had public exposure through G-Dragon‘s “That XX” music video and was featured on his track “Black.” Not only is she a beauty and is quite the vocalist, past videos released by the agency previously has also revealed she’s a talented rapper as well.

Meanwhile, YG’s in-house hit-maker producer Teddy, who created 2NE1’s “Fire,” “I Don’t Care,” “Can’t Nobody,” “Lonely” and much more, is said to be in charge of the new girl group’s debut track.

Source: Segye Ilbo