[★BREAKING] YG Entertainment responds to dating rumors between G-Dragon and Dara

G-Dragon and Sandara Park had fans in a frenzy after being spotted acting extremely close after BIGBANG‘s concert. YG Entertainment has now responded to the rumors of both artists being in a relationship.

The viral videos show Sandara Park and G-Dragon exiting the venue together with bodyguards flanking them. The rest of the BIGBANG members are spotted walking ahead of the two. When Dara attempts to walk in front of G-Dragon, he quickly pulls her to his side and holds her head closely.

Fans noticed how closely G-Dragon was holding Dara and taking care of her and rumors of DARAGON immediately spread like wildfire on social media.

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YG Entertainment has now released a statement that denied any relationship between the two artists. Their statement reads as below:

“G-Dragon suggested during the after party that they should get their picture taken in such a pose as a prank. This dating rumour was all caused because of a joke. They also never kissed.”

Videos of the two together started spreading even further when fans fans noticed a moment where it appeared as if G-Dragon was kissing Dara. It appears that the close moment as well as the two holding each other was meant as a fun joke, according to YG.

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