YG Entertainment responds to speculations linking “Who’s Next” teasers to Jinusean’s comeback

YG Entertainment responds to recent speculations that the recent “Who’s Next” teasers were meant for hiphop duo, Jinusean

On March 27th, Star News reported that a number of industry officials confirmed that Jinusean will be returning with new songs in April and is already in the final stages of their preparation including their music video shoot.

Jinusean made headlines following their active participation in Infinite Challenge’s “Saturday, Saturday is for Singers (TOTOGA),” which strengthened speculations of a possible reunion.

Furthermore, a previous interview with YG Entertainment’s Yang Hyun Suk was linked to these latest speculations to which he was quoted saying, “Before Saturday, Saturday is for Singers, Sean came to me and talked about releasing a new song. At the time I apologised to him and told him it would be difficult because there are so many releases lined up for 2015. And than he went on stage on Saturday Saturday Singer and called me out saying ‘are you watching this YG’?”

“Since then I thought long and hard about it and realized that not only was Jinusean the first successful artist from YG, there were still numerous fans that wanted to listen totheir songs. It would be unrealistic to expect a full album but I’m optimistically looking over the possibility of a new single from them.” To which, he added that the duo’s return may likely come after BIGBANG’s comeback and iKON’s debut.

However, as a response to these speculations, YG Entertainment immediately released a statement saying, “There is nothing confirmed at the moment.” 

Meanwhile, for the past few days, the agency has been dropping hints pertaining on the bomb teasing fans with “Who’s Next” teasers.

Source: Star News and OSEN