YG Entertainment responds to T.O.P’s odd updates on Instagram

YG Entertainment responds to speculations pertaining to T.O.P’s vague updates on Instagram yesterday. 

On July 24th, the agency provided a hint of clarification towards previous updates made by T.O.P on his personal Instagram account yesterday. As the rapper posted a series of photos focusing on a pig’s bottom and face, a number of his followers expressed their shock and disgust towards the random update.

Despite the photos eventually being deleted on his profile, the photos continued to circulate and remained a hot topic of discussion online. It was soon followed by a blood-stained photo of T.O.P, eerily staring at the camera.

The random updates left fans to formulate their own theories as they claim that the account might have been hacked, while some were left to comment that the photos may likely hint on his comeback concept with G-Dragon for MADE series “E.” 

However, a representative released a statement confirming that, “It’s not been hacked,” and stated that they are still checking about the previous photos posted.


Source: Dispatch