YG Entertainment reveals iKON working on debut song

YG Entertainment hinted that iKON’s debut may be coming soon saying that, “We will announce good news soon” and revealed that the upcoming 7 member boy band is working hard to prepare their debut album.

Senior officials of the agency have stated that “The members of iKON are in the recording studio daily without a break and are devoted to creating their debut song.” He also hinted that the date may be soon approaching as “There will be good news regarding their debut song soon.

Although iKON was originally planned to debut in two months (January) following the November final results of Mix and Match, their debut seems to have been pushed back due to the dedication and detailed work on the album. However, with news that the members are all working hard with good news imminent, fans’ anticipation for these rookies continues to be strong.

Despite the fact that they have not debuted, iKON has a large fan base and has attracted over 7000 fans to their showcase performances across Asia during their survival show Mix and Match. They were even selected as one of the “Most Anticipated Singers” of 2015 by a group of pop music specialists including producers, DJs, composers, and lyricists.

iKON’s final line-up consists of leader B.I., Bobby, Jinhwan, Donghyuk, Yunhyeong, Junhoe, and Chanwoo. The seven members consist of the 6 members of Team B who competed against WINNER during the show WIN: Who is Next? where WINNER won the chance to debut. Chanwoo was added to iKON following the final results of Mix and Match.

Source: StarNews