YG Entertainment Reveals Plans To Debut Second “Sister” K-Pop Girl-Group Alongside Black Pink?

YG Entertainment is stirring up discussion after an announcement of their future plans regarding yet another girl group debuting after Black Pink, their newest group to debut this summer.

A senior official from the agency revealed on June 29th that they are also aiming to debut another girl group side-by-side to their new 4-member group Black Pink (Jennie, Lisa, Jisoo, Rosé). Black Pink was originally set to be a 9-member group. However, since initially revealing the plan and some of the members two years ago, the plans have changed significantly. The idea was to debut the remaining five trainees as their own group, creating a sister-like feeling, similar to that of WINNER and iKON.

Unfortunately, the initial reports of another girl group debuting was not received well by fans. They believed this would create unnecessary competition between the fans of both groups, using YG’s two recent boy groups as an example.

With the overly negative reaction to the news, YG Entertainment has retracted their original statement the following day, saying, “Like most large agencies, we have more than 50 trainees who have been spilling their sweat for years, It has yet to be decided whether the remaining trainees who were not included in Black Pink will debut together or with other trainees.” 

Meanwhile, Black Pink is reported to be preparing three different music videos for their debut with Teddy backing them up as their producer for their debut. In addition, they have recruited popular foreign choreographers. They are slated for a debut near the end of July.

Source: OSEN and TV Report