YG Entertainment Continues To Sell Seungri Goods After Termination Of Contract

They’re still making a profit out of it.

Netizens have been finding an issue with YG Entertainment as Seungri remains in the online shopping mall and BIGBANG fan club that is run by the agency.

Numerous netizens criticized YG Entertainment for continuing to sell goods related to Seungri on their online shopping mall, YG Select. 


Items such as hairpins, tumblers, t-shirts and bags with the logo “THE GREAT” can be seen on the website.


Moreover, a huge poster of Seungri’s music video and “THE GREAT SEUNGRI” promoting his solo album remain on BIGBANG’s fan club site.


Meanwhile, Seungri is not included as a member of BIGBANG in Korean web portals.


Netizens continue to criticize the agency for the issue.

  • “The strong will of the pharmacy to sell remaining stock.”
  • “This is really wrong.. I can’t believe they continue to sell items related to Seungri to make a profit when they terminated his contract and declared they have nothing to do with him anymore!! Seungri is trash too but YG is even eviler!!”
  • “YG who is crazy for money. I hope you go out of business, better yet, you must go out of business.”
  • “They’re crazy about money so they’ll sell anything.”
Source: Kookmin Ilbo

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