YG Entertainment Ramps Up Plan To Change The Face of TV, Hires 5 New PDs

On February 1, YG Entertainment officially revealed that they recruited 5 PDs from both cable and mainstream television channels to join their agency.

According to an insider from YG Entertainment, Cho Seo Yoon, Je Young Jae, Kim Min Jong, Park Jun Su, and Yoo Sung Mo have signed with YG Entertainment and will be helping the agency break into the entertainment programs industry.

The newly recruited PDs are responsible for many of Korea’s most beloved television series, such as MBC‘s The Capable Ones and Radio Star (Cho Seo Yoon), Infinite Challenge (Je Young Jae), Real Men (Kim Min Jong), Mnet‘s The God of Music (Park Jun Su), and tvN‘s SNL Korea (Yoo Sung Mo); thus, anticipation is high for YG’s synergy with these acclaimed PD’s and their involvement in television in the future.

According to the insider, YG is still on a mission to sign more PDs and is actively pursuing at least 10 other PDs with the goal of changing the dynamics of Korean entertainment programs in the future. YG Entertainment has not officially confirmed anything about the 10 other PDs.

YG has established itself as a trendsetting agency, not only in the music industry, but also in promotion methods, fashion, album design, and multiple other facets of entertainment. With the recruitment of the 5 new PDs, YG is currently receiving much spotlight in regards to whether they will be able to set a new paradigm for the television, and what effect they will have in the industry.

Source: Sports Seoul