YG Entertainment Reveals How Much Their Star Producers Made In 2018

One producer had a bigger salary than even Yang Hyun Suk.

According to the business report released by YG Entertainment on March 2, Producer Han Dong Cheol was the highest-paid employee at the company.

Producer Han Dong Cheol’s annual salary for 2018 was 900 million KRW ($790,000 USD), which is higher than the annual salary of  Yang Hyun Suk, who is also a major shareholder.


Producer Han formerly worked for Mnet and produced some of their most successful programs including Show Me The Money and Produce 101. He transferred to YG Entertainment in 2017 and produced the audition program MIXNINE in 2018.


Meanwhile, the second-highest paid employee at YG Entertainment was Yang Hyun Suk at 840 million KRW ($740,000 USD). While Yang Hyun Suk is often called “chairman” within the company, his only official title is known to be “executive producer”.

Former MBC producer Kim Min Jong and Cho Seo Yoon earned 620 million KRW and 690 million KRW respectively with producer Jae Young Jae earning 553 million KRW. Both Kim Min Jong and Jae Young Jae produced Infinite Challenge and Real Men during their time at MBC. Since moving to YG Entertainment, they produced the variety program Do the Right Thing.


The salaries of the star producers at YG Entertainment were revealed according to the Capital Disclosure Act, which requires a company to announce the top 5 employees who earned more than 500 million KRW and their total earnings. They have made further wage negotiations through a separate contract for broadcast content production and additional bonuses have not been added to the revealed earnings.

Source: Bridge Economy