YG Entertainment Stock Value Hits An All-Time Low Point After Yang Hyun Suk’s Booking

A new (unfortunate) record.

YG Entertainment stocks have hit the lowest value they have ever been at since the company was listed on the KOSDAQ exchange earlier today, July 18.

On July 18, at 9:27 am, the value of YG Entertainment’s stock dropped to ₩25,750 KRW ($21.79). Data from the stock market has shown that this is the lowest point ever for YG Entertainment stock, which has been listed on KOSDAQ since November 2011.

The value of the stock has since recovered slightly, and was worth ₩27,000 KRW ($22.84)at the time of this article’s writing.

Yesterday, July 17, Yang Hyun Suk was officially booked as a suspect on charges of soliciting prostitution along with 3 other individuals. He and his company have been embroiled in scandals since the beginning of 2019, starting with the Burning Sun scandal, B.I’s drug scandal, and his own scandals of tax evasion and prostitution solicitation. Recently, he stepped down from YG Entertainment along with his brother, Yang Min Suk.

Yang Hyun Suk Booked On Charges Of Soliciting Prostitution, Officially Considered A Suspect

Source: Edaily