YG Entertainment Launches New Survival Program, Receives Criticism From Netizens

All 29 male trainees of YG will appear on the program.

On October 29, Producer Yang Hyun Suk of YG Entertainment revealed detailed plans for his new YG survival program.


The program, which is called YG Treasure Box (YG보석함), will reveal all male YG trainees that have not yet been revealed on television. With a total of 29 trainees, most are between the ages of 14 to 19.

The final members will be selected based on viewer ratings as well as monitoring by the company through the broadcast and Yang Hyun Suk expects the final debut group to consist of 5 members but clarified that this number was flexible.


Yang Hyun Suk described the program as an extension of YG’s other survival programs such as the ones which created BIGBANG, WINNER and iKON.

“To be precise, it’s YG’s project for selecting a new YG male idol group. Male YG idol groups such as BIGBANG, WINNER and iKON have all been formed through our agency’s survival program and so I think it’s best to describe it as an extention of those. YG’s BIGBANG TV of 2006 was the first survival program to be aired in Korea and WINNER and iKON came to debut through WIN and MIX & MATCH of 2013 and 2014, but next year will already mark iKON’s 4th year since their debut. YG currently has many trainees who are working very hard for their debut including 2013’s K-Pop Star winner, Bang Ye Dam, and so we expect next year to be the most appropriate time to debut a new YG male idol group.” ㅡ Yang Hyun Suk


Yang Hyun Suk also revealed that YG Treasure Box has already begun filming and is expected to air its first episode on November 16 and will be promoting through online platforms including VLIVE and Youtube, in addition to television broadcasts.


In a closing statement, he explained that YG Entertainment will no longer be producing any more audition programs and that he will not be participating in the program as a judge.

“YG Entertainment will not be producing any more audition programs and I will no longer be a judge as I have for the past 8 years. I will now return to my original position and focus on YG affairs.” ㅡ Yang Hyun Suk


With news of the new program, netizens could not help but mention Yang Hyun Suk’s failure to fulfill his promises in the past and criticized the producer for not focusing on the current YG artists.

  • “He couldn’t even debut MIXNINE and isn’t making an album right now for WINNER and Lee Hi. What is he thinking trying to debut a new group lol. Without BIGBANG, he’s failing at every attempt.”
  • “Lol…I told you to bring out the artists that have already debuted. Why do you keep bringing out trainees.”
  • “Hahaha…I ask because I’m curious. What exactly is it that YG does?”
  • “YG please just focus on the artists you have now.”
  • “You irresponsible person, you don’t even pay attention to your artists and don’t give them any albums. Have you set your mind to ruin the lives of other artists too?”
Source: Sports Donga