YG Entertainment to establish sub-label with Epik High

Epik High is set to be establishing their own hiphop sub-label under their current management agency, YG Entertainment. 

On March 27th, it was reported that the agency will be launching an independent hiphop label with Epik High, which will be headed by Tablo.

Yang Hyun Suk was set to have regretted his decision on not being able to fulfil his artists’ wishes in the past, especially to those who wanted to do hiphop. To amend such regrets, he has decided to launch a new label with Epik High, which will be backed by the agency.

Furthermore, Tablo was appointed to lead the sub-label for his knowledge on the underground music scene, but also on his talents for writing, composing, instruments, along with singing and rapping.

Yang Hyun Suk further stated that YG Entertainment has always been rooted with hiphop through acts such as 1TYM and Jinusean, expressing that they will be supporting this new label to give opportunities to those who wish to pursue hiphop.

It was recalled that Tablo talked about a possibility of establishing their own label though an interview with Fuse TV.

Are you ready for YG Entertainment’s sub-label?

Source: OSEN