YG Entertainment Reportedly Trademarked WINNER’s Real Names

Not even their stage names.

YG Entertainment appears to have trademarked the names of the WINNER members.

When searching “YG Entertainment” on a trademark finding website, the members’ names show up.

Because former member Nam Taehyun‘s name was also included, fans are speculating that it had been a while since YG Entertainment trademarked their names.

Earlier today, it was reported that YG Entertainment has filed an application to trademark BLACKPINK Lisa‘s name.

Like Lisa, what is being trademarked is not their stage names but their real names—Kang Seungyoon, Lee Seunghoon, Kim Jinwoo, and Song Minho.

In Lisa’s case, YG Entertainment is trademarking her name for merchandising purposes, particularly for clothing.

WINNER’s names, on the other hand, are being trademarked for entertainment purposes.

Legally, the members cannot use the trademarked names if they were to leave YG Entertainment.