YG Entertainment trainee Kim Eunbi left due to health issues

Kim Eunbi, who was widely believed to be debuting in YG Entertainment‘s upcoming girl group, has been revealed to have left the group due to health issues.

According to industry insiders, Kim Eunbi, who was a participant on Mnet’s Superstar K2, already left YG Entertainment 6 months ago. The reason cited for her departure was that she had health issues.

Upon checking with YG Entertainment, it was revealed that this was indeed true. The company revealed in a statement, “It is true (that she left). It is regrettable that someone who had practiced hard and long to realise her dream had to leave. I think she had decided that promotional activities would be too stressful for her health conditions.

Kim Eunbi had shown off her cute appearance and charms while on Superstar K2, where YG Entertainment signed her and fellow contestant Kang Seungyoon (now in WINNER) to the company.

Only two members, Kim Jisoo and Jenny Kim, have been confirmed to debut in YG Entertainment’s new girl group rumored to debut in November. However, anticipation has already been building for their debut as this is the first YG Entertainment girl group that is debuting since 2NE1 in 2009.

Addressing the upcoming debut, YG Entertainment representatives revealed, “It is true that we are in the final stages of album production. Even though we are not sure if we are able to make it for November, the debut will definitely be within this year. The members have been trainees for 3 years and the average age of the members is 17 years old. Since the members are fluent in foreign languages, we are looking forward to their activities overseas as well.

Even so, details of the group have not been made known, such as who and how many members will form the group, creating suspense in YG fans.

Source: Daily Sports