YG Entertainment Announces TREASURE’s Official Debut In July And First Teaser

It’s finally happening!

It’s been over a year since YG Entertainment launched the project for their next boy group, TREASURE, and after continuous delay and anticipation, they’re finally making their official debut!

YG released a brand new teaser for the group’s official debut, and announced that the long-awaited D-Day will be in July 2020! The teaser featured the 12 members who will be debuting. The group originally had 13 members but Ha Yoonbin decided to leave the group late last year.

TREASURE will be YG Entertainment’s newest debut since 2014, back when BLACKPINK burst into the K-Pop scene. They will also be the agency’s first boy group in 5 years since iKON.

TREASURE had already been teasing for their debut since last year, and ultimately released a pre-debut track titled “Going Crazy”. The track and performance garnered a lot of attention by gathering over 16 million views!

Stay tuned for more updates on TREASURE’s long-awaited debut!

Source: TV Report
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