YG Entertainment Founder Makes Passionate Plea As He Faces Possible Prison Term

“Over the last four years, amid the countless allegations…”

YG Entertainment founder Yang Hyun Suk is facing three years in prison.

Yang Hyun Suk | Sisa Journal

On September 27, the label founder attended a court case to defend himself against allegations that he had threatened a witness during B.I’s drug scandal.


On this day, prosecutors requested YG Entertainment CEO Yang Hyun Suk to be given a three-year sentence. This is the same sentence the prosecution requested in Yang Hyun Suk’s first case, in which he was found innocent.

Prosecutors admonished the previous trial, stating that the judge had been egregiously tolerant of Yang Hyun Suk’s alleged crimes.

The initial trial, which found Yang Hyun Suk innocent, misunderstood the parameters of the law and was lenient to (Yang Hyun Suk’s) false testimony and criminal activity.

— Prosecutor

Yang Hyun Suk then, in his last statement, pleaded for the opportunity to continue developing future artists and return to his position as one of K-Pop’s forefathers.

Over the last four years, amid the countless allegations, I quietly wished for the truth to be revealed. I now ask the courts to give me the opportunity to return to my position and continue to develop the future leaders of K-Pop and create great content.

— Yang Hyun Suk

The label founder’s pleas come at a tumultuous time for the label as it has been mired in allegations surrounding BLACKPINK‘s contract negotiations. Despite the many reports of members leaving the label, YG Entertainment has maintained that there hasn’t been any decision on the group’s future.

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