YG Entertainment’s New Survival Show Will Feature Non-Trainees Too

YG Entertainment is working on releasing a new survival show and it will feature non-trainees as well.

An employee at YG Entertainment made a short comment regarding the highly anticipated show. 

“The show will be made by Han Dong Chul, the person behind Mnet’s “Produce 101” and “Show Me The Money.” The show will not be restricted to YG trainees and will also feature other agency’s idols who debuted in groups and are still considered rookie idols.

Not only that but the show will also feature non-trainees that were handpicked by YG Entertainment.”

— YG Entertainment Employee

The show is shaping up to be very interesting as the scope of the participants is very wide ranging from debuted idols, trainees, and even non-trainees.

Viewers will be able to see the differences in agencies’ training methods through the participants and also be able to see new, undiscovered talent.

Given Han Dong Chul’s track record, this show is shaping up to look like the next viral survival show to hit the masses. 

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