YG Entertainment responds to rumors of BIGBANG neglecting KBS

Reports of BIG BANG failing to request KBS for a review of their new songs surfaced earlier yesterday, leaving many fans in dismay for not being able to catch the boys on KBS.

Following, YG Entertainment made an official response denying such rumors to be true.
On May 6th, YG Entertainment released a statement to deny that the group will be no longer appearing on KBS. The agency clarified that,“BIGBANG’s new songs ‘Loser’ and ‘Bae Bae’ request to all three broadcasting stations (KBS, MBC, and SBS) for a review have been completed. Although we were planning to request for review on the day of the release, it happened to be Labor Day. So we requested it today right after the holidays.”

An affiliate from the deliberation board of KBS commented, “Since KBS asks the Recording Industry Association of Korea for ratings and reviews, we might not be able to check their review submission status immediately. The request has not been entered into our system yet. But if they requested it this morning, then we will be able to check the status by afternoon or so. If they have plans to appear on one of our shows, the review will be expedited accordingly.”

In the meantime, MBC and SBS have received BIG BANG’s requests already. Their results will come out in three to four days or at the latest in a week.

Source: Osen