YG Under Fire for Putting Lisa and Backup Dancers in the Same Outfits

And it wasn’t just a one-time thing.

There are suspicions that YG Entertainment put Lisa and Jennie‘s backup dancers in the same outfits.

It’s been recently reported on multiple online communities that Lisa wears the same outfits as YG’s backup dancers.

In contrast to the other members of BLACKPINK, many of Lisa’s outfits look exactly like those worn by backup dancers.

Fans expressed their rage saying, “I can’t accept the fact that my idol wears the same outfits as backup dancers.”

This issue first arose during BLACKPINK’s performance in Jakarta, Indonesia, and after YG Entertainment’s ‘X Academy’ promotional video came out.

Fans insisted that Lisa was wearing the same outfit as one of the backup dancers wore in Jennie’s “SOLO” music video.

It’s also been raised that another outfit that Lisa wore at a Tokyo performance last October was also seen on one of the backup dancers in “SOLO”.

The exact brand names are unknown, but the public opinion regarding this topic remains negative.

Meanwhile, other fans came to YG’s defense by saying, “Maybe we should hold back on the criticisms until we know all the facts.”

Have you noticed this as well?

Source: Insight