“YG FSO” Criticized For Scene About Forcing A Model To Nude Cam

“YG FSO” is under fire once again.

YG Future Strategy Office (YG FSO) was recently under fire for their controversial misconception about China, but they’re receiving criticism once again for suggesting sexual harassment as a way of receiving sponsorship.


In the episode, Seungri, a model named Alex, and the YG FSO employees are on a video call with a foreign female investor who’s crying hysterically.


When Alex tries to console her, the investor claims she wants to go on a nude cam with him. Alex denies the invitation in disgust.


The following scene portrays Seungri who claims that Alex has gotten too arrogant and proceeds to try and undress him himself.


Seungri then goes on to say that he shouldn’t deny her because she is the superior in the situation.


Alex gets up and flees from the room as he exclaims, “I can’t do it! I quit!


But he is soon dragged back into the room as two bodyguards take off his jacket. Alex abandons his jacket as he runs out of the building.


After watching the scene, many netizens have criticized the show for depicting sexual harassment as a way to earn sponsorship.

  • “This is a major f*cking problem. If this was a girl, it would have been even more scandalous..”
  • “I’m a big fan of YG but I’m f*cking disgusted. A lot of YG fans are boycotting the show.”
  • “Is that how you treat your own artists? I’m afraid people will watch it in curiosity. I hope the show fails.”
  • “If this is the sh*t you’re gunna create, just don’t make anything at all, YG. What are you gonna do with content that even your fans don’t want to see… You’re just causing scandals for yourself.”
  • “That’s literally sexually harassment ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ You’re saying you always have to do what the superior wants. It’s an unethical problem. “
Source: Nate Pann