“YG Future Strategy Office” Joked About Drugs, Illegal Videos, and Hostess Bars

This stirred up quite a controversy at the time of the show’s release as well.

In light of Seungri‘s recent charge of soliciting prostitutes for high-profile investors, snippets of Netflix’s YG Future Strategy Office has resurfaced due to content that is of a similar nature to Seungri’s recent scandal.

The show, of which Seungri is a cast member, featured similar topics such as drugs and the filming of illegal videos but put a comedic spin on it.

In one episode of the show, Seungri gave members of WINNER some words of advice by saying, “Don’t do drugs, don’t go to hostess bars, and be careful about getting involved in any scandals.

That’s not all. There was also a part in the show where Seungri pressured a model to film “body cam” videos.

During the scene, an investor expressed his wishes to see a naked video of the model. When the model strongly opposed, Seungri said, “Hey, know your place. This man is very much above you.

Such snippets have resurfaced in light of Seungri’s recent scandal, and some are even joking that this show might have been a spoiler for what was to come in real life, and the show wasn’t completely fictional.

Source: Insight