Was this YG idol involved in helping recruite Lee Jong Suk?

With news of Lee Jong Suk’s move to YG Entertainment ringing loud and true, it seems like a certain artist linked quite a connection for the actor. 

On May 10th, a post on Instiz highlighted an uncanny conversation between Lee Jong Suk and WINNER’s Kang Seungyoon.

The conversation originally took place when WINNER was making their debut with Seungyoon pleading Lee Jong Suk to listen and help promote his track. The actor evidently replied saying, “Of course, I’ll listen, kid,” and shared a selca after.

As Lee Jong Suk’s recent move was reported, netizens cannot help but dissect this previous interaction between the two, leaving some to comically speculate if Seungyoon had anything to do with the signing.

The sudden throwback also allowed fans to recall Lee Jong Suk and Kang Seungyoon’s friendship, which originally started at the set of television program, High Kick 3. 

Image: Instiz

Source: Instiz