YG Partners Up With Seungri’s DJ Label For A New K-Pop Academy

Yang Hyun Suk and BIGBANG’s Seungri have officially become business partners

Yang Hyun Suk announced that YG Entertainment will be partnering up with BIGBANG Seungri‘s DJ label, Natural High Records (NHR).

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YG uploaded a post to Instagram that revealed the birth of a new company called YGX, where Seungri is listed as the CEO.


According to the captions, YGX will be opening up a new academy that will become the birthplace of future stars. It will combine the knowledge and skills of both YG Entertainment and NHR to train future K-Pop legends.

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The academy is set to open in Hongdae this August, a popular neighborhood close by to YG Entertainment.

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Yang Hyun Suk has always been supportive of the idea of an academy run by YG, where it will give idol-hopefuls and trainees the opportunity to refine their skills to debut as K-Pop stars.

“Since I was a former dancer, I always wanted to open a dance academy under YG. I’m very excited for the opening of YGX Academy. Surprisingly, a lot of top idols had auditioned for YG Entertainment before but didn’t make it through due to unfortunate reasons. I hope to never let these opportunities fall through again by helping these star-quality artists fulfill their dreams by discovering them through YGX Academy and bringing them into YG Entertainment.” — Yang Hyun Suk


YG Entertainment made a statement revealing how the new partnership between Yang Hyun Suk and Seungri will also open up a new platform for collaborations that will reach fans all over the world.

“We plan to reach foreign markets though various collaborations between not only Natural High DJs, but also YG artists.” — YG Entertainment

Source: Isplus